Coatings Solutions was founded to provide a way for industry, business and infrastructure to embrace future energy savings, facilities and asset maintenance challenges with environmentally sound measures, in a cost-effective and practical way.

Coatings Solutions is an authorized distributor and applicator for Superior Products International (SPI).

SPI's products offer top of the market performance, all designed to help you to hold costs under control, maintenance on schedule, and keep things running smoothly, far into the future.

For the industrial or commercial client, we offer an array of SPI products that will help save energy, provide a long service life, reduce future maintenance costs, preserve equipment and structures, encapsulate harmful compounds, and increase operating efficiency.

Coatings Solutions excels in bringing the most cost-effective results, even when our customers are faced with the toughest situations that environment or conditions can present.

As an SPI distributor, Coatings Solutions offers a unique line of high performance industrial coatings products with the certifications, technology, track record and quality to keep your bottom line protected.

Coatings Solutions offers premium performance SPI products to address and overcome some of the toughest challenges facing industry today.

  • Energy savings for industrial, commercial & residential facilities
  • Prevention and protection against rust & corrosion
  • Blocking heat loss or heat gain
  • Stopping condensation
  • Concrete protection & sealing
  • Floor protection & sealing
  • Deterioration prevention from harsh environments
  • Refrigerated trucks & facilities
  • Easy graffiti removal without blast & repainting
  • Insulation of roofing, walls, equipment over all materials
  • Fire resistance and fireproofing
  • Underwater protection
  • Chemical protection
Keep your bottom line in the black while taking a big step toward going green.

Coatings Solutions and SPI can help your company move from red-hot energy and maintenance costs to green energy savings.

Good for the planet, even better for your bottom line.

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