Coatings Solutions brings a new approach to the industrial environmental movement.
Four converging forces have defined a new direction for our place in the market. Environment, energy costs, long term asset protection, and financial well-being.

Coatings Solutions was founded to provide a way for industry and infrastructure to embrace future challenges by doing the right thing in an effective and practical way.

The failure of most green initiatives has been the cost and inefficiency of each program.
Either the technologies have been under-developed, poorly implemented, or simply way too expensive. Future government mandates will advance and enforce environmental changes for companies. However, Coatings Solutions feels that products and methods that make the changes economically desireable will do more to hasten the process.

While the debate over the cause of climate change continues, one fact is clear. Lowered energy expenditures and longer lasting equipment are universally desired by all who are faced with paying the bills.

Coatings Solutions makes it practical to go green. We offer proven products, based on hard scientific facts and industrial experience.

Coatings Solutions is an authorized distributor and applicator for Superior Products International (SPI).

SPI’s products offer top of the market performance, all designed to help you to hold costs under control, maintenance on schedule, and keep things running smoothly, far into the future.

Going green now means having a positive impact on both the environment and your bottom line.

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